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some doubts about straight marriage

My acquaintance Karishma works as psychologist and that also includes advice and counselling on relationship issues. She moved over to the UK with her husband but currently finds herself on her own as her husband is away for work related … Continue reading

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the world’s least succesful lobby is striking once again

The world’s least succesful lobbying organisation, the local branch of the worldwide gay lobby in the Vatican, has struck again. It was discovered that the gay lobby managed to secretly manipulate personal files so that homosexuals would not be discovered … Continue reading

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of gays and mice

The homophobes have been very vocal in the very recent past. So here’s another tribute to them. Maybe I should give the punchline straight away as there is a twist in the usual story line: this time it is not … Continue reading

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Bravo or Boo India?

Shri Raghavji has resigned from his post as finance minister of the State of Madhya Pradesh, India. The reason why he resigned were the allegations of rape levied by his (former?) servant and domestic employee. I strongly welcome the criminal … Continue reading

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For Indian LGBTs and LGBTs of Indian descent

Queer Ink India is looking for stories featuring an LGBT character from India or the Indian Diaspora and is calling for submission by the end of this month the latest. There are some requirements regarding format and length so if … Continue reading

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Gays conspire to dominate the world

From what I’ve come to hear recently I can only deduct that gay people are responsible for all kinds of horrible things. Everyone will have heard that it was gays not paedophiles that were responsible for the horrific sexual abuse … Continue reading

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