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Breaking News: LGBT rights responsible for juvenile suicides

That was at least the only accusation among the long list of accusations that I hadn’t heard before. (The full list is available here.) So I’m afraid I can’t award the Bishop of Honolulu too many points on the creativity … Continue reading

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New Jersey bans conversion therapy

I just wanted to quickly break the excellent news that New Jersey has now banned conversion therapies on minors. The even better news is that this law was signed by a Catholic Republican which restores my faith in humankind at … Continue reading

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the world’s least succesful lobby is striking once again

The world’s least succesful lobbying organisation, the local branch of the worldwide gay lobby in the Vatican, has struck again. It was discovered that the gay lobby managed to secretly manipulate personal files so that homosexuals would not be discovered … Continue reading

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Adoption agency under threat of closure

The NOM blog alerted me to the fact that there is another Catholic adoption agency operating in Scotland, UK, which is now under threat of closure for not obeying Sottish law. That is truly scandalous. Why were they allowed to … Continue reading

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