About Kim (and contact details)

I’m Kim R. Karlstein.

I’m a member of the gay conspiracy that you constantly hear about. I joined this conspiracy after coming out at age sixteen. Since then I had some strange, odd … and well queer experiences. Though my queer experiences were and are not restricted to the interactions within the LGBT microcosm and my humour grows with the challenges it faces.

I’m located in one of the gay conspiracy’s regional office in the UK.

Fan mail, love letters, death threats and warnings about hellfire & eternal damnation (not that I would care about it that much anyway) may be sent to: kim_queerimpressions[at]yahoo.co.uk

1 Response to About Kim (and contact details)

  1. gayasianews says:

    Great content. Inspiring, thought provoking, and insight-fully queer. Thanks and much appreciated.

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