yet another way to ruin your date (tried and tested by me)

As spring is now over and summer has arrived and I still haven’t had  “proper dates” as some of my friends put it and they decided to change that. So for the past weeks I’ve heard almost countless suggestion on whom I could or should see and what I could do to change my single status.

I finally agreed to a date and since I’ve seen the woman briefly before and she’s a friend of a friend the first date was going to take place at her place. She is Belgian, smart and good-looking. So I was excited to meet her and should the expression “agreeing to a date” have a negative undertone I can assure  that this isn’t the case.

The first problem arose when she contacted me that she couldn’t get all the required ingredients for the dish we planned to cook. The only ingredient she couldn’t get was “cilantro” as she put it and I have to admit that I had to consult the internet to find out that “cilantro” is the North American term for “coriander” (she had also used terms like “pants” for “trousers” or “zucchini” for “courgette” previously). After I figured out that I had a nearly full bag of coriander in my kitchen I offered to bring it to which she agreed.

Her face was priceless when she watched me taking out the small bag of coriander (and labelled as such) out of my bag.

“Hang on! You’ve brought coriander! Does that taste similar to cilantro?!” she exclaimed.

That was the moment when I couldn’t keep a straight face any more. I know it is not nice especially considering that she isn’t a native speaker and hasn’t lived in the UK for long but her sudden confusion about American English when she previously had extensively used American terms was just too funny in that situation.

The good things about the evening to follow was that the food turned out to be excellent. The bad things about the evening was that the atmosphere was somewhat dampened and my date appeared to be very hesitant to talk.

Though for the next date I know that I am gonna avoid foods like chips (or fries), courgettes (zucchinis), aubergine (eggplant) or coriander (cilantro) – unless of course I am gonna date British in which case chips with beans are not only linguistically acceptable but also suitable for a date between Brits. 😉

About Kim Karlstein

Member of the gay conspiracy in one of the regional offices in the UK. The conspiracy you lately constantly heard about. Other than plotting how to take over world I have fairly normal hobbies. My gravatar is taken with thanks from wikimedia commons.
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