Now what goes down the drain…

… you’re being charged for in England.

At least this is how I thought the water bill system works out. It doesn’t. It works in ridiculous ways.

As the studio I live in is located in a fairly old house (you can still admire the first generation of double glazed windows in wooden frames – I kid you not) the house doesn’t have a water metre at all. So I then thought that I was going to be charged a set amount calculated per person living in a flat (which sounds logical to me at least).

But I received my water bill which turned out to be three times the amount that Mim is charged. Needless to say that I wasn’t happy.

The Yorkshire water employee I spoke with on the phone explained to me that the water charges in unmetered houses is calculated on the basis of the estimated value of the house.

The house means the house, not the flat you’re in. So because the studio (without bath tub, only shower) I live in is located in a more expensive house than Mim’s flat containing a sitting room, bed room and separate kitchen and bathroom with bath tub,  I apparently consume triple the amount of water.

Who else fails to see the logic in that? Has anyone here ever felt more thirsty because he/she was in a more expensive building?

(This may have been the most pointless rant because I still had to pay the bills, but I just felt the need to point out the silly billing system)

About Kim Karlstein

Member of the gay conspiracy in one of the regional offices in the UK. The conspiracy you lately constantly heard about. Other than plotting how to take over world I have fairly normal hobbies. My gravatar is taken with thanks from wikimedia commons.
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