Spread the love by hateful notes – or: what to do if customers insist on making the bible the basis for their decision

The religion of love has spread their love and concern for their fellow human being in the USA this time. One waiter had the joy of receiving a scribbled confirmation of his excelling skills at his job but was at the same time reminded that the god the couple believes in doesn’t like homosexuals and hence the couple saw themselves unable to tip him for his good service as this would be an affront to God.

Unfortunately neither the waiter nor his colleague/employer who happens to be his mother spotted the scribbled message before they left. If they did they should have enquired whether the customers based their aversion of the “homosexual lifestyle” on a verse taken from Leviticus (e.g. 18.22 or 20.13), in the Old Testament or whether they take their aversion from a verse of the New Testament (e.g. Romans 1.28-32; 2 Timothy 3.1-7). Based on their answer it should have been compulsory to remind them that either the New Testament states that the labourer is worthy of his reward (1 Timothy 5.18) or if they base their homophobia on Leviticus they should be reminded that Leviticus also mandates some of the dietary laws (Chapter 11) in addition of the dietary laws the Old Testament also burdens the hirer with the duty to pay the hired before sunset (Deuteronomy, 24.15).

Though of course it would be more fun to question them on other content. I’ve compiled a short list of things that absolute bible lovers should be questioned about in such situations:

  • What to do if they find a dead body for which the cause of death is not yet known (Answer: kill a heifer and wash the hands over the dead heifer and proclaim that your hands didn’t spill the blood; Deuteronomy 21.1.-8).
  • the requirement of making fringes on the corners of a square garment (Deuteronomy 22.12). Recruiting people into a lifestyle without fringes on those garments would also constitute an affront to God
  • or which type of dress must never be worn (answer: garments made out of different fabrics are unacceptable and people with garments of different fabrics certainly lead a life style that is an affront to God; Deuteronomy 22.11). Can anyone imagine the immorality that would ensue if everyone started wearing clothing made of different fabrics?

I recommend this procedure every time someone justifies his/her actions (or inactions) because their deity or holy scripture demands it.

About Kim Karlstein

Member of the gay conspiracy in one of the regional offices in the UK. The conspiracy you lately constantly heard about. Other than plotting how to take over world I have fairly normal hobbies. My gravatar is taken with thanks from wikimedia commons.
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