Protestors fight at Christian Procession

Christians have recently staged the first ever Christian procession in the gay dominated country Montenegro. The Christians faced and still face harsh discrimination and hostility dating back several years when the head of the national LGBT organisation said that Christianity dishonoured not only the nation but also the entire planet and deemed Christianity a menace for the non-Christians in the country.


Some anti-Christian protestors emphasised that they had nothing against christians or their faith per se but thought that Christianity should only be practised in private and some added that Christian processions could lead to young LGBT youth being recruited into the Christian lifestyle.

Recent polls suggested that the vast majority of adult Montenegrins considered Serbian-orthodox Christianity to be a form of mental illness.

Last weekend during the procession – the first of its kind in the country – enraged gays have repeatedly attacked the peacefully marching christians who had to be protected by anti-Riot Police. At least 60 radical gays have been arrested and face criminal prosecution, a local police spokesperson told the press agency. In the past radical gays often have not faced persecution for anti-Christian violence due to the fact that police heavily recruits from the circles of the influential LGBT movement.

It is widely believed that the first Christian procession only happened due to increased pressure on the radical gay government of Montenegro by countries like Uganda and Congo.

Though the Christians faced protests which at times turned violent Christian activists have voiced their delight that Christians in Montenegro are no longer invisible and that they hope to stage regular christian processions despite the animosity they still face in this backward gay country.

Doesn’t sound right to you? Here’s the original coverage by Reuters, Times of Malta and Huffington Post which inspired this post. A slightly older one by UK Gay News.

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