Breaking News: LGBT rights responsible for juvenile suicides

That was at least the only accusation among the long list of accusations that I hadn’t heard before. (The full list is available here.) So I’m afraid I can’t award the Bishop of Honolulu too many points on the creativity scale. But I give him credit that he at least heeded to my wish to explain how gay people are responsible for the horrible things they’re blamed for. So the Bishop had the courtesy to explain that children who are not raised by a loving mother & father will feel unloved and hence commit suicide. I don’t know whether the Bishop thinks of abducting children growing up with just one parent and place the minors with two parents of the opposite sex. But if we stick with the Bishop’s hypothesis that LGBT parents are responsible for juvenile suicide we can turn to the overall suicide rates in the OECD countries and note that South Korea, Japan and Hungary have the highest rate despite the fact that none of these countries have established marriage equality. On the other hand the three OECD countries with the lowest suicide rates are Greece, Mexico and Italy which means that there’s at least one country which has granted marriage equality in some of its regions. (If anyone feels the need or desire to compare LGBT rights and suicide rates a longer list by WHO can be found here.)

The rest of the bishop’s rant is senseless blether* and he also neglected my wish to explicitly state how gay rights or gay in general make those terrible changes happen. Take for example the claim that parents will be accused of bigotry if they raise their children as heterosexuals. Yes, that may hold partially true after we’ve seen LGBT teens being tortured (occasionally with fatal consequences) in so-called ex-gay camps but other than having their children subjected to cruel, inhumane and degrading treatment (which may result in death) I really can’t see why anyone would accuse this sort of parent as being bigoted. The good news is: such parents are now widely accused by a large proportion of heterosexuals (that includes those heterosexuals with only straight children) even without the existence of marriage equality.

Of the course the old classic of linking gays here now more specifically marriage equality to child abuse or marrying a minor had to be mentioned. Which homophobic piece of nonsense is complete without the notion that gays are somewhat responsible for child abuse? But the kicker in the latest accusation is that the Bishop mentioned that marriage with a consenting minor will be legalised; yet anyone who understands the principle of the age of consent knows very well that consent isn’t enough it has to be informed consent and nothing short of informed consent. But I guess no one really expected a member of the catholic clergy to know about consensual sex & marriage anyway given the recent history of treatment of children in the catholic church.

The only pity is that he works in Hawaii where the weather is warm and pleasant for most of the time. With all the hot air the bishop produces one could send him Alaska where he could be at least of help with reducing heating bills and he has to do is start preaching and the hot air produced will instantly warm locals. That at least would be a genuinely charitable act.

*northern UK term for talking nonsense. I couldn’t really think of another word that shortly sums it all up. Out of interest: has anyone ever heard this word being used by someone who isn’t from the northern UK?

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Member of the gay conspiracy in one of the regional offices in the UK. The conspiracy you lately constantly heard about. Other than plotting how to take over world I have fairly normal hobbies. My gravatar is taken with thanks from wikimedia commons.
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