The free dessert or why does everyone think that Tammy is gay?

Tammy has the problem that everyone or nearly everyone thinks that she’s gay. She doesn’t have a problem with LGBT people but given the fact that she found out that senior work colleagues (who themselves are gay) considered her to be like them, that I mistakenly thought that she’s a lesbian until she explicitly mentioned her boyfriend and that she once was told that she looks like a boy does not help her stop wondering why everyone thinks that she’s gay.

But my mistake judging her sexual orientation did nothing to anger her (just really made her wonder) and so we went out for dinner. Dinner itself was fantastic and when we were about to ask for the bill the waitress served us dessert. Dessert for free.

“That’s for the two of you!”, the waitress smilingly said when she presented us with this very welcome surprise.

“oh, thank you!”

The waitress left us.

Tammy tried the dessert which came on one plate with two spoons immediately while once again stressing how very nice it was of them to give us the dessert unasked and for free.

“erm..  Tammy, have you noticed that the dessert is on one plate with two spoons and “for the two of you“?”

Tammy was briefly puzzled but then realised the underlying assumption that had been made.

“oh! Why does everyone think that I am gay?! Now it’s even random waitresses!”

“I don’t know but you’re right: the dessert is fantastic.”

About Kim Karlstein

Member of the gay conspiracy in one of the regional offices in the UK. The conspiracy you lately constantly heard about. Other than plotting how to take over world I have fairly normal hobbies. My gravatar is taken with thanks from wikimedia commons.
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4 Responses to The free dessert or why does everyone think that Tammy is gay?

  1. I think the waitress is lesbian.

  2. Everybody thinks I’m straight. Never mind that I’ve never been married, or had kids, and have been in cahoots with the same woman for 43.6 years. I say, so what? Free dessert is free dessert.

    • the free dessert war much appreciated. It was more that Tammy was compeltely surprised that complete strangers now take it for granted that she’s gay.
      Though the moment when she realised the waitresses’s underlying assumption was priceless.
      I’m still wondering what precisely makes Tammy come across as gay. Given the episode with the waitress it can’t jsut be the coice of her hobbies or something along those lines.

      I think that passing as straight among heteros who don’t really have many LBGT friends is easier than coming across as gay in mutliple situations & environments. Most heteros think that people are straight as long as they’re not “typically gay” or confirm to some gay cliche and the notion that the “default orientation” is straight is of course due to the fact that heterosexuals are the majority.

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