Bravo or Boo India?

Shri Raghavji has resigned from his post as finance minister of the State of Madhya Pradesh, India.

The reason why he resigned were the allegations of rape levied by his (former?) servant and domestic employee.

I strongly welcome the criminal persecution of politicians. However “sex scandals” (read: often sexual offences) are nothing new to India’s politicians and resigning or criminal persecution has not always taken place; so I can’t help but have to fend of the thought that he had to resign and is in the position he is in because it were forced sexual contacts to another male.

And a note to the (Indian) press: the (former?) employee has not accused the ex-minister primarily of “sodomy” or anal sex but of having sexual acts by force. There is a massive difference. Furthermore, just in case you didn’t know: Sodomy or anal sex is NOT a criminal offence under Indian law so the former minister – contrary to your headlines – will not have been arrested for “sodomy”.

In case that the ex-minister has had to resign just because he had anal sex (and NOT because of the fact that these sexual encounters were forced) just like the press insinuates: the enlightened & civilised people on this planet, Indian and Non-Indian alike, bi/homosexual and heterosexual alike, are deeply offended.

while I absolutely welcome an official investigation into the allegations of sexual offences especially when those allegations involve influential people I can’t help but wonder whether the world would have seen similar action if the victim had been female. The headlines in the Indian media sadly spell out a clue that the homosexual nature of the alleged offences has been a major factor.

About Kim Karlstein

Member of the gay conspiracy in one of the regional offices in the UK. The conspiracy you lately constantly heard about. Other than plotting how to take over world I have fairly normal hobbies. My gravatar is taken with thanks from wikimedia commons.
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