A Trip To ….

“Are you going to London?”, asked the man in one of the railway company’s uniform standing behind me on the platform while I was hastily searching my bag for my railcard.

“No, Manchester”, I replied thinking that he was about to provide me with some information regarding train services in general or specific information relating to services to London.

“ah, Manchester”, he said. Then in an abrupt change of topic he asked “do you believe in Jesus?”

I remained silent as I was still searching my bag (unsuccessfully so far) and I just couldn’t make a connection in my head between believe in Jesus and train services to either London or Manchester.

He kept on talking and when I finally looked up as I had finally found my railcard in my bag he was mentioning that “heaven & hell are both real”.

“I’m not certain about heaven but for hell you just need to take the next service to Glasgow”, I replied and then left for the platform where the train to Manchester was soon due to arrive.


About Kim Karlstein

Member of the gay conspiracy in one of the regional offices in the UK. The conspiracy you lately constantly heard about. Other than plotting how to take over world I have fairly normal hobbies. My gravatar is taken with thanks from wikimedia commons.
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