Gaystapo strikes once again – in the US this time

While the Jamaicans bravely try to resist the world domination by gays the stronghold in the USA appears to have crumbled away and the USA appear to be taken over and gays no longer want to make it a secret that they control this nation.

As feared some gays reacted promptly with violent aggression by marrying each other.

In the light of this blood-thirsty reaction by the gay lobby and its sock puppets it is more than understandable that Bryan Fischer with his usual concern for the most vulnerable which includes kidnapping minors from their parents just for their own good was immediately worried about heterosexual Americans’ wellbeing after gays (including the gaystapo) seized control and had some vision about concentration camps for heterosexual Americans. (Could someone remind me whether or not Mr Fischer spoke out about Guantanamo? On the other hand I’m nearly certain that I already know the answer.)

Though I have to stress that I admire the cool & rational logic behind the American Decency Association’s analytic: marriage equality is just like the attack on Pearl Harbor but the gays actually did not cause Pearl Harbor. This analytic is just refreshingly rational when compared to Sally Kern’s analysis of the danger of homosexuality.

Now allow me to write something personal: May I use this space and wish my fellow conspirators who sized the opportunity and got married or are planning to do so in the near future all the very best for their married life.

Furthermore: happy Pride everyone but especially of course to the LGBT people in the US and in France.

And now that the US is dominated by gays I can finally start to plan my trip to San Francisco after all I assume that LGBT-Europeans are now also a special class of people in the USA and nuisances like visas or security checks in airports no longer apply to us. Is it sufficient to sticker a gay pride flag on my passport in order to enjoy the new privileges granted exclusively to gays?


About Kim Karlstein

Member of the gay conspiracy in one of the regional offices in the UK. The conspiracy you lately constantly heard about. Other than plotting how to take over world I have fairly normal hobbies. My gravatar is taken with thanks from wikimedia commons.
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